When I promised to write you this journal, I knew it would be hard.




Because writing a regular blog means writing when I don’t want to write.  It means writing without inspiration.   Writing because of the commitment and writing for what is possible.


Sending it to you makes it real.  Otherwise it would just be going through the motions.


What’s funny about writing is that it feels like walking through the woods and discovering treasures that you can’t see from the outside.  Even now, I see something in my head that wasn’t there before.


Did you know that almost every uncomfortable or difficult commitment is like that?   The act of follow through and the push past the lack of motivation reveals and strengthens pieces of you.


I feel this same way about BJJ.  I am a white belt and have been training for just over a year.  Many days I don’t feel motivated or I don’t even want to go.  But I go…because I committed to what is possible.  I committed to me and what I will discover and strengthen through the process.   I plan to be a purple belt one day even though it will take years.


I guess I committed to being a purple belt at writing too. Even though it will take years.


What if taking care of your body is similar?  The only reason the follow through isn’t there is because you still depend on the feeling of motivation…or on immediate return…or on validation that you are doing the exact right thing.


So my challenge to you this morning- if you are on a journey to take care of your body, lose weight, feel your best…treat it like a very important commitment.


One that you keep regardless of how you feel or if results come right away.  One that doesn’t require motivation to show up, because you know that keeping the promise is going to change you.   The way you said you want to be changed.  It’s the embodiment of the motivational phrase “do the work.”  It’s not “do it when you feel like it.”


Hit reply if you needed this blog this morning.   I’m glad I made myself write even though I didn’t feel like it.   I needed this.