Fit Me Journal August 5

Yesterday Georgia took 3 steps in a row. I put a video on my ig story. Go see her! She falls on her butt after the third step but is so happy. She is 13.5 months and can say about 20 words…but, despite her advanced verbal skills, she seems to have very little interest in walking. Why would she? She has Mama, Dada, 2 brothers and nana to carry her around.

Isn’t funny how even a baby flexes and extends her abilities based on her surroundings. I guess this may be obvious, but I’m not a child development expert. She hears me talk and coach all day long…so she talks. But because I work from home and she has an adoring family, she is carried a lot… hence, doesn’t need to walk.

She is going to walk…yesterday proved it. But watching her made me think… am I being “carried around” in certain places in my life? Is comfort and convenience demotivating? I don’t like the answer to this question…but I’m guessing for most of us, the answer is yes.   

So what’s the solution? No comfort or convenience? That doesn’t seem right either. I guess maybe the question is…how much do you need and want to walk? And how fast? Because if the answer is…not that much and not that fast…comfort and convenience is the way to go.

But if the answer is urgency…well it’s time to take the training wheels off.  

Ok, so let’s use baby Georgia to think about how to apply this practically. The solution to motivating her to walk (or in our case- grow or change), isn’t to load her heavy with a heavy backpack or surround her with marbles to trip on. Those remove comfort and convenience, but that isn’t it.  

The solution… is to put her in a setting where she has the frequent opportunity to try, fail and try again. She needs more time on her own little legs. She needs to wobble more often, fall, get up, adapt, wobble, fall, and repeat. 

It seems obvious with her.

So the takeaway for us… if there is a place in our lives we want to grow… we want to move faster and be better…do more… and succeed more. We need the discomfort of “try-fail-adapt- get up- wobble- try- fail- and repeat.”

This is magic. Learn faster by doing. Less thinking… less planning… less excuses. Less crutches and reasons not to do it… and more determination to take one more wobbly step forward.

I’m giving myself some homework and I want you to do the same. Where are the places in my life I say I want to grow faster, but I’m not taking enough action?

I want to hear yours too, so if something stands out to you, write me back.

Until next time,


P.S. It helps to have a hype squad, to cheer for every step.