Fit Me Journal May 23

I almost typed March 23. Life feels kind of like a time warp right now. Where did the last two months go?   

So since it’s been a few weeks since I wrote a blog post, here are some updates. We are down to 12 days until Josh finally moves home. If you are new to the blog, my husband has been deployed overseas and then stationed across the country for just over 2 years now.   


Since he moved… a lot of life has happened…


We moved cross country

I started a coaching business that has now grown into Fit Me.

We got pregnant and had a baby (a surprise from a pre-deployment visit home haha)

Our old chocolate lab Diesel passed away.

A tree fell on our house.

Adopted a puppy

so many more things…

And now the global pandemic.


Due to the military lockdown, all of his spring leave was canceled.


We’ve seen him a total of 6 days since Christmas…..and in less than 2 weeks, he moves home to live with us.


I’m doing the thing you do when you are excited. Last night I told the boys, only one more Friday night left without daddy. I’ve counted how many trash days are left….how many lawn mows….funny stuff like that.


The days can’t come fast enough …and for our 13-year old yellow lab Daisy…this is very true. Daisy almost died this week…and it was heartbreaking. She really is Josh’s dog and we are so so close to his return.   


Sunday evening she stopped walking… she wouldn’t get up and didn’t seem like the same dog. I thought it was the end.


I made numerous calls to home vets who specialize in doggy hospice/ end of life care but none could come out. I carried her out to the porch a few times to enjoy the birds and gave her some leftover doggy anti-inflammatories.   


I hoped and prayed for a rally….actually lots of you guys did too…and sure enough…she is the most stubborn dog ever. She willed herself to walk and seems to be determined to make it a little longer. It’s like she heard me call the vets and was like…nope…waiting for daddy to come home.


So as we count the days, keep praying for Daisy. Only a few days left until we are together as a family again.


Are you counting down to anything in your life?  It feels like there are a lot of big shifts in the world right now.  What is on your horizon?

Until next time,


P.S. I’ve decided it’s time to start blogging regularly again.  My heart has missed it and many of you guys have encouraged me to bring it back.