Fit Me Journal March 13

Today is the last day of school for the boys. Starting Monday, they are home for 6 weeks. They don’t go back until April 24th.

I’m sure everyone is feeling at least some version of stress from the virus. My stress is contained to a few small things…but nonetheless, it’s there. The biggest disappointment might be that Josh will be unlikely to visit in a few weeks…that is not official yet, but likely.

So yesterday as I was unpacking my huge load of groceries, I was considering the changes and unknowns for the weeks ahead. As I put away cans of tomatoes and other pantry staples, I immediately felt the urge to grab a bowl and fill it with tortilla chips. I wanted salt and crunch.

I was halfway through the bowl before I even realized what I was doing. I was stress eating. Ugh. The funny thing was…the stress was more powerful than the recognition. Some part of me didn’t care.

I finished the bowl of chips.

I had the urge to open a bottle of wine, but I resisted. Stress Eating -1, Christy -1.

I felt annoyed with myself regardless. Not because I can’t have tortilla chips…but because of how I want to manage stress. Not by eating snack foods. I don’t do this very often.

Funny how food can immediately serve as comfort. I wish my urge during stressful moments was to go sit on my porch. I want to breathe and think through problems.

I’m sure a lot of people will struggle with stress eating in the weeks ahead. Don’t feel guilty…but knowing the stress is coming gives us the opportunity to condition a new response. Silver lining (like today’s coffee talk episode)

When I feel that stress urge me towards alcohol or junk, I’m going to deliberately go sit on my porch for a 5 min timeout. I’m going to breathe, look at flowers and birds and chill.

Want to try your own version of timeout? Right me back and let me know what you are going to do.

Until tomorrow,