Here is the thing…we live in the real world.

Yesterday was one of those “real days” for me.

Josh left to head to Washington state and report to his ship.   We won’t see him for just over a month while we wrap things up in Maryland.   Once we follow him to Washington, he will be gone far more than he is home as he prepares for upcoming deployment in a few months.   

Although we’ve been here before, this is a hard pill to swallow because of the age of the boys.    I know they will miss their dad tremendously and our next chapter in Washington will be both wonderful and challenging.

I’m a big girl and I am prepared for this, but at the same time, real life is hard.   Cross-country moves are hard.  Saying goodbye is hard. When Josh drove away with the trailer, my 9-year-old Logan came over and gave me what felt like his first grown-up hug.  It was hard to describe. That hug was for me.

So anyways… Emotional day.     

And… what the hell is going on with this pollen?    Yes, allergies are kicking my ass. My body is in full beehive mode.  I can’t stop sneezing, eyes are itching and the mucus game is real.

And lastly… Friday I dropped and smashed my phone.   Thankfully, I have a new one, but all of my login’s are MIA.   This may sound dumb, but all day, things I do without thinking were hard.  One of those things is ordering my groceries, which couldn’t get done because I am locked out of my grocery app.   

This blog post isn’t a list of my problems… These aren’t even real problems… Just real life.  

This blog post is because yesterday my nutrition wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t a disaster either.   My house wasn’t stocked up (traveled this weekend and see grocery app problem above), my body felt off (lack of sleep and allergies) and the day had a full list of “to do’s” that wasn’t going to go away.

The reason my nutrition didn’t totally derail is that I have built healthy habits and skills.

Using a system to count macros, water, sleep, and activity may sound like a lot of work.   But tracking and working on these habits is a worthwhile investment for me because on hard days I don’t fall apart.  I track on easy days so I have habits for hard days.

Full honesty… here was my food from yesterday:

  • Breakfast – Kodiak Gluten Free Pancakes with a scoop of protein and a giant cup of water and lots of coffee.
  • Post Workout- Whey Protein and Matcha Green Tea in water
  • Lunch- 2 eggs, asparagus, and leftover red potatoes, a glass of water.
  • Snack – Smoothie (pre-measured frozen fruit and veggie mix) blended in almond milk
  • Dinner – Kids ate at a friend’s house… 3 eggs, spinach, and more leftover red potatoes, la croix.
  • Before bed- Decaf tea with collagen peptides

This isn’t a sexy meal plan with all the right things.   But it was ok considering the day.  I didn’t make it to bed at 9pm, like I normally do…but I was asleep by 10.


This morning when I started this post I was thinking about nutrition goals…what does it mean to have a nutrition program that is sustainable?  

I know what sustainable means.  It means doing the work to build good habits.  For me, yesterday was defaulting to those habits. Drink water, eat protein, find some vegetables, exercise, eat something, healthy carbs.  I didn’t hit my macros perfectly. But actually, they were pretty close.

There is a lot of bs on the internet about diet and fitness.   It’s honestly hard to sort through and discern what is good information as opposed to just a marketing scheme.   But as you consider a challenge or program or coach, ask yourself if you are investing in building any skills and habits that will hold up in real life?   Are you making your body healthy for the long run?

Diets stopped for me the day I switched from just another weight loss program to developing long-term healthy habits.   I want a nutrition program and relationship with food that doesn’t just work during a challenge or templated system but holds up in real life.   I want that for everyone… to be free from the rollercoaster bs.

Today is Wednesday.  I am going to go shower, get the kids rolling and go to the gym.  I’ll hit the grocery store on the way home and get back to it.   It’s not the first day of some 30-day nonsense where I am going to be different.   It’s just today.

I’m grateful for the sunshine, my boys, my husband and my body.  I’m grateful for doing a job that I love, for wonderful family and friends.   Reflecting on gratitude helps me put hard days in perspective… it helps me love life in a way that prioritizes being healthy because I want to enjoy it.   Healthy habits hold up on hard days… it’s real life nutrition.