Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Are you frustrated because diets and challenges never seem to produce long-term results? Do you exercise or try to eat right, but not see the body composition changes you want? Do you work your tail off for your family, career, community but feel lost when it comes to your own healthy habits and nutrition? You NEED someone on your side! Having a nutrition coach means having a accountability, guidance, and support. It means having someone in your corner to help you be you succeed!

Christy Campbell

Christy is a NCI Certified Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and a USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach. She is a Navy veteran, Navy spouse and mom of 2 boys. Christy leads a team of nutrition coaches committed to supporting real people who are sick of perpetual diets and want to feel confident, happy and fit in their bodies.


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healthy pregnancy

Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 16

By christycampbell | December 16, 2018

Timber I can smell again!  Finally, after almost 2 weeks, my sinuses are clear enough to smell. You know what I smelled yesterday? A giant tree. Yeah, my excitement for the day was a giant tree blew down on to our shop/detached apartment. Friday night was a crazy bad windstorm and the wind blew hard … Continued

healthy pregnancy

Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 15

By christycampbell | December 15, 2018

Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 15: Hashtag Unfollow I made the mistake a week or two ago of following some new hashtags and accounts on instagram.  I followed “fit pregnancy” and a handful or accounts of women who seemed like me, trying to exercise and eat well during pregnancy.  Looking for inspiration and shared experience. Well…social … Continued

healthy pregnancy

Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 14

By christycampbell | December 14, 2018

Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 14: Deployment Trimesters I tried a cup of decaf coffee this morning.  It still tastes terrible. For me, disliking coffee is the most unexpected food aversion of them all. Prior to pregnancy, I was a coffee fanatic. I drank it black and often.  About 2 weeks into my pregnancy it started tasting … Continued