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If you have a lot of life going on, want to feel good in your skin and are sick of diet culture… you’ve come to the right place.  Fit Me is a virtual movement of people committed to living happy and healthy lifestyles.  But unlike the highlight real of social media, we value realness and connection.  We practice sustainable over complicated solutions and practice strategies that hold up for life’s challenges.

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9am Workouts

Getting in a workout is totally doable in your house.   Monday through Saturday, we offer FREE home workouts live in our facebook group led by certified trainers.  These workouts can be done with little to no equipment and are challenging but doable for all levels.  Join the group below and then search #9amworkout.


Did you know increasing your daily steps can make a HUGE impact on your goals?  Every day members of the fitme community celebrate increasing our daily movement.  We post our steps and the #10keveryday.  If you aren’t ready to hit 10k, start with a smaller goal and join us anyway!   

Self Care Sunday

Building a happy and healthy body requires self care!  We know how hard it is to set aside time to fill your cup, so let us help!  Each Sunday at 8am PST, we hold a Self Care Sunday Zoom Call.  We rotate between restorative yoga, self massage, body tune ups, and peaceful and restorative activites. Click below to sign up!

Coffee Talk

A little intention goes a long way.  Each morning fitme founder, Christy Campbell, holds a short 5 minute chat to challenge your mind and bring focus and clarity to your day.   These chats are live in the facebook group or are available for download on your favorite podcast platform.  Search for Fit Me Coffee Talk or click the link below for a popular episode.

Our fitme Stories

We are real people, working to create happy and healthy bodies. The people who are in fitme have challenges, major life events, family needs and injuries.  But through the fitme journey, not only do we build a diet free healthy lifestyle, but just like Cathy says in her story, we challenge and bust the limiting beliefs and mindset struggles that impacted our past progress.   So we aren’t just a lighter body weight… we are a whole new, empowered and happy person.     We do real life, together.


The fitme Blog

Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 75-77

Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 75-77

Snow Fever ​​​​​​ Ok.. last we talked was Tuesday...Henry was recovering from being sick, more snow was dumping and I felt like I was getting something. Well that something hit me like a bus on a Tuesday afternoon.  I have been pretty much out of commission since.  I...

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Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 74

Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 74

Snow Fever Almost every single nutrition client I checked in with yesterday was either sick....getting over being sick....or caring for someone who is sick. It only seems right that we join the club.  Henry was feeling crappy all day yesterday with a cough and...

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Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 71-73

Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 71-73

Build and Rebuild ​​​​​​ Sorry you didn't hear from me over email this weekend.  I had a need to go off the grid.  Friday I did a huge mental celebration because I didn't have any events all weekend.  No obligations at all! I really needed a little down time.  Nothing...

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Why did you join fitme coaching?

I joined because going through the 8-week healthy habits phases has helped me build a fitness community. It has also helped me pinpoint how to do all of this fitness stuff in a way that works with my life in a holistic way, without leaving out the mind-body – connection. I have learned so much about myself and I wanted to continue to expand on all of that. It’s never just about numbers on a scale, instead, it’s about those basic fundamental habits.


I came to you because your transformation was me. I saw myself in your before photo. You inspired me. I finally got to a point where I was frozen in fear, unable to move forward but terrified to go back so I was treading water for months. Getting a coach, defining goals and implementing real-life habits I could do forever. That changed my life and inspired me more to pursue coaching other people. This program is real-life healthy forever.


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