Just like others, I never responded well to all the different diets out there.  I’ve tried many different ways of eating and would join the bandwagon of things like paleo or the Whole 30.

Those ways can be good to a point, but each time after trying to better my nutrition with one of those methods, the end result was always the same – which was resulting back to my old habits.

I needed something more structured and sustainable.

What I found about these programs is that they were always something I could put up with for a short amount of time, but never something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life which, to me, is the goal.

I wanted to change my eating habits to something I could maintain!

When I reached out to Christy, my main focus was to maximize my performance efforts through nutrition.   I knew how to eat healthy for the most part but where most of my problems stemmed from portion control, my terrible sweet tooth, and what was right for me as an individual.

Christy helped me find the balance I needed through counting my macros, which, for the first time, got me very excited about a nutrition program.

Within the first couple weeks, I noticed different changes not only in my body but also in my energy levels.  I started feeling less “fluffy” and I started hitting weights in the gym that I hadn’t touched in a long time.  Outside of the gym, I started noticing how much better I was sleeping at night and how I wasn’t getting to my usual sluggish state halfway through the workday.

One of the biggest reasons why I am thankful for working with Christy is for how helpful and knowledgeable she was through the entire process.   She helped guide me through all the important competitions I had and gave me weekly checkups to see how I was doing.   She held me accountable especially in places where I needed it most like making sure I was hydrating properly and getting enough food for my activity level.

It’s not about a quick fix and my body went through different changes during the process.  But to me, that’s life and means I’m human.  I’m not always going to make the choice of choosing an apple over a cookie and I’m not always going to look my skinniest when my goal is performance- and that’s ok!

That’s what Christy has helped emphasize through my nutrition and training goals.  Christy helped me find the balance that works for me and I couldn’t feel better.  I have truly enjoyed the process.