Fit Me Journal August 10
I think my social media consumption has reached ice cream sundae status.

The first few bites are amazing…and for a while, it’s the best treat I’ve ever had. Then, it stops tasting good. Then it makes me feel sick. Then I have an ice cream headache and hangover.

But here’s the funny thing about ice cream and social media. Both are extra delicious for us “regular” humans. It’s not the normal amount of stimulation for our brain or our mouths. The difference between eating ice cream with hot fudge, salty peanuts, and whip cream vs eating a strawberry is enormous.

Likewise, the difference between social media and a conversation with in-person humans is similarly vast. 100 times faster, likes and validation from strangers, drama and information overload, access everywhere, status updates….

So we eat it all because it is extra yum… until it’s not. We mindlessly scroll and mindlessly eat, barely noticing that it doesn’t even taste good anymore. If we aren’t careful, we forget that strawberries are even sweet.

I vow…yet again…to eat less social media. A few bites here and there are plenty.

What are the boundaries you need for social media?  Do you struggle like I do to avoid mindless consumption?

Until tomorrow,