Get in My Belly

With internet chatter and endless products marketed to support your gut health, it is easy to be confused!  So let’s cut through the crap… hehe… and learn a little bit about what all the fuss is about.

First, gut health is closely tied to your overall health.   That’s right, you can’t ignore it!  Many of your health and fitness goals are impacted by your gut health.

So, let’s think about your gut health in 2 ways:

Gut Microbiota
“aka good gut bugs” Did you know your gut is home to approximately 100 trillion micro-organisms?

So what do they do?

?  Promote healthy gastrointestinal health!  (Regular and quality poops!)
?  Regulate your metabolism (your bodies ability to burn and use calories)
?  Home to 75% of your immune function… yup you got it…Your ability to fight off a cold!*

Sadly, we can damage our gut bacteria in a number of ways.
? Antibiotics/ Birthcontrol/ NSAIDS
? Diets high in refined carbs, sugars and processed foods
? Dietary toxins
? Chronic stress and infections

Gut bacteria , gut flora, microbiome. Bacteria inside the small intestine, concept, representation. 3D illustration.

Gut Wall Barrier
Imagine that your digestive system from your mouth to your booty is a tunnel.  Your body takes food in, digests it, and then passes what it doesn’t use as waste.  Obvious right?

But then, understand that the wall of the tunnel keeps toxins and waste out of the rest of your body.   So it’s in your body… but it’s not in your body.    Got it?  ?  The gut wall protects us from toxins that enter our body from both food and the environment!

But… the gut wall can be damaged by many of the same factors that impact gut bacteria!   If the gut wall is damaged, toxins escape the gut, pass into the blood stream and can cause an immune response.   This is called “leaky gut.” ?   Leaky gut can be closely tied to autoimmune conditions and can be a source of inflammation in the body!

Gut microbiota and the gut wall barrier are closely tied and can be damaged in similar ways.

Ok…. so what do you do to improve your gut health??**

✔  Remove toxins and the things mentioned above that can damage gut bacteria.

sauerkraut, cucumber pickles and yogurt – popular probiotic fermented food – three measuring cups against ceramic tile

✔  Eat Fermentable Fiber (examples- sweet potatoes, yams, yucca)
✔  Eat Fermented Foods (examples- Yogurt, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kombucha)
✔  Take a High Quality Pro-Biotic
✔  Manage Stress
✔  Treat Intestinal Pathogens

A lot of this information I learned via Chris Kresser’s ebook on Gut Health.   He has resources on numerous topics if you would like to check him out!   I would love to hear the actions you are taking to improve your health so be sure to hit me up on instagram @christymaecampbell