Can I be 100% honest?   I am having trouble losing the last few baby pounds on my own.  I know I am 2 years postpartum and I SHOULD have been a lean mean fighting machine by now.

But it has been hard to lose the last few pounds.   I always tell people following the fitme method will get you most of the way to your goal…and that’s what I’ve done to lose 30 of the 40 pounds I gained during pregnancy.  I followed the fitme method.  But I left one thing out, which is why I’m stuck.

Our whole method helps you lose weight without being perfect.  Which is definitely my life.  But here’s the thing…there has been one thing missing for me that we give to each and every person in fitme A personal accountability and support coach.

I don’t have one.   It’s a little ironic since I help personally coach and mentor so many people.  But for me to feel my best, and get these last few pounds off… I need to use what works.  A coach, my fitme community, and the fitme method. The trifecta of support to lose weight in real life.

So yesterday I invested in a personal accountability coach.  Someone to help me stay consistent and structured.  I’ll keep you posted on everything I adjust and change to get unstuck.

I’m not perfect…not at all… so I hope it’s ok I share this journey with you.

Until tomorrow,


P.S. I don’t feel ashamed or weird that I need a coach when I am a coach.  Knowing what I should do is not the same as doing it.