Balance…nah, I’m good.


I can’t believe its been 100 days since I started this journal.   My coach was actually the one who encouraged me to start writing it…for my own sanity and clarity… and at first I was sure nobody would want to read it.

Thank you for all of the replies, comments and messages.  I feel so much closer to many of you because you share in my real life challenges and joys and I get to hear about yours too.
Don’t worry…I’m not quitting writing.. just wanted to say thanks.
I am currently sitting in the Phoenix airport.  My flight was delayed by 2.5 hours.   I have 4 shots of black espresso over a giant cup of ice so I am happy.   I had eggs and some chorizo and potatoes for breakfast at a little restaurant in the airport.

Sitting by myself in a restaurant has never bothered me.  I kind of like the people watching and the time to just sit.  Nobody notices me and I just do my thing….

That is until you scoot down to get out… run out of bench… and literally fall out of the booth.  It’s cool… I didn’t hit the ground.  As I was falling, I caught myself by knocking everyone else’s luggage down like airport dominos.   It was very loud and at almost 7 months pregnant ….let’s just say I attracted a lot of attention.

So I relocated to escape my embarrassment and have a new chill spot, a bench that doesn’t end… and my coffee.

Don’t worry…baby wasn’t hurt.  Just my pride.

​​​​​​​Excited to be home w/ my boys soon and guess what… our puppy is coming home this week!! Updates to come soon!!!

Until tomorrow,

P.S.  Please tell me I am not the only one to be a huge clutz in public…