Baby day update


It’s 445 am and I’m up so I figured I’d write you a little update.  I’ve been posting on my instagram (here), but just in case you didn’t see those updates I’ll fill you in.

Saturday day time I was feeling super bleh….tired…achy…all the things you feel at 40+ weeks pregnant.  After 2 weeks of attempting literally everything on the labor inducing technique list… probably twice… I felt duzno.

Last thing on the list was a “midwife’s brew” smoothie.

The drink is a blend of apricot nectar, almond butter, caster oil and lemon verbena tea.  Sounds delicious, right?

So Saturday afternoon, around 3pm I drank the smoothie.  For a few hours I felt literally nothing…In fact, I actually felt better than earlier in the day.  Around 8pm, I felt some contractions.  They were stronger than in the past and 8 min apart for over an hour.

Finally- go time.

Fast forward to 3pm Sunday….After almost 18 hours of fairly consistent, increasingly intense and strong contractions, everything stopped.  We got as far as 5 min apart, over a min long, for 2 hours.  Then… nothing.


We tried to get labor rolling again.  We even went so far as eating a truly nasty, greasy fast food.  You know that means I was serious.  Nope.

I thought I already had my stubborn child, but maybe I was wrong.  Baby girl may give Henry a run for his money.

So yesterday I visited my midwife at 10am, she observed that my belly was very very far forward and the angle of the baby might be part of the reason labor stalled.  Made a ton of sense.  We wrapped my belly to bring baby in better position and I dutifully spent the day relaxing.

Last night at 7pm, I went back to the hospital as scheduled.   I was at 4 cm, but still not in active labor.  So…yup induction time…but not until today at 8am.   I guess technically it started last night when they inserted the foley catheter balloon.

Google it for details.

As this journal has detailed my daily ups and downs of both pregnancy, deployment and regular life, I think it is fitting to write you on baby day.  So although the past few days/weeks have been challenging, I feel so grateful.

I’ve spent a ton of time outside walking in nature.  I’ve spent quality time laughing and talking with amazing friends.  Josh and I have had the opportunity to slow down…and wait…together…which is its own blessing….bc we both typically go 100 miles an hour.  I’ve watched the boys be kind and concerned and loving towards me.  I’ve leaned on my mom for support and assistance to fill in the gaps and felt at ease.  I’ve learned an incredible amount from my doula, my midwife and my own body.  I’ve watched the Fit Me Nutrition not only continue our coaching work, but truly shine, despite my need to take a step back.

It’s actually been pretty great.

And now…it’s finally baby day.

I hope you don’t mind that I will probably continue my journal after pregnancy.  I’ll just call it something else.   I’ve loved writing you these updates.  Your responses, feedback and messages expanded my world and encouraged me in priceless ways.

Thank you for that.

So….it’s time for coffee, a shower, and my labor pants!

Until tomorrow.