Self “Date”


Good news… my zit wasn’t interviewed on the podcast yesterday.  We are recording on Saturday instead.

Yesterday I worked about 11 hours straight on refining Fit Me Nutrition’s programs.  It was an incredibly productive day, but exhausting.  When I finally tried to sleep at Kaitlyn’s house, my head raced for another hour at least.

Does that every happen to you?  You want to sleep, but your mind keeps working….even when your body is tired.    When I was in high school and waiting tables, I used to refill waters in my sleep.  Super exciting dream material.

Today Kaitlyn, Molly, Brooke and myself will over to the Nutrition Coaching Institute headquarters for a day with Jason Phillips.   Part of today will be nutrition related for sure….but part of it will be setting aside time to talk about goals…dreams…passions…and how to get there.

Kaitlyn said something funny last night and I totally understood.  She said… “What if I don’t know?”

​​​​​​​I totally get it… life gets so busy and “normal,” that is is tough to have that kind of time to really think and talk about those things.   It’s 100% true for me too.

Which is why today is going to be awesome.   I learned somewhere along the line that your passions and dreams deserve a day every once in a while… even if you don’t have perfect clarity.

If you don’t take the time to consider what you actually want… nobody is going to do it for you… and then you will just do what everyone else wants.

Do you need a passion date?  You don’t need to travel to Arizona to do it…. just get a good friend and set aside some time with some hard questions.