Thanksgiving X 10


I’m in Arizona!!!   I’ll be here through Sunday morning for work….when I say work, I actually mean I’m here for passion…what I love to do and choose to do professionally….coaching.

Today I’ll be working with Jason Phillips on refining my 8 week programs and my new pregnancy resource program.   He is also interviewing me on his podcast… eeek!   Good thing the giant zit on my nose doesn’t show up on podcasts.

Tomorrow and Thursday, the Fit Me Nutrition team of coaches and support (Kaitlyn, Molly and Brooke) will be here for team training with Jason and then some fun!  This is the first time the entire Fit Me Nutrition team will be in one place… to say I’m excited is an understatement.

Flying was meh.  I can see why they tell preggos to just stay home.  Everyone was very nice though.  I have graduated into visibly pregnant and thus “special.”

By the end of the 2 hour flight, my body felt like it expanded like a balloon.   Let me walk you through what I ate yesterday, because according to my body, I ate err-thing!

At the end of every day I was so stuffed and full, I could barely stand it….and this happens daily.

Breakfast: Asparagus/onions/spinach and baby potatoes – 2 scrambled eggs.

Snack upon airport arrival- Starbucks egg white bites

Lunch – Gluten free burger from Re-lish in airport.  No fries

Snack Post Flight: Perfect Food Bar

Snack at Hotel Arrival: Beef Jerky

Dinner: 3 Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Yeah that doesn’t sound crazy or like a lot….but we are talking Thanksgiving fullness x 10.  Most nights.

It is by far my most uncomfortable pregnancy symptom right now.

With 13-14 weeks to go….I’ve got to figure this out.   My plan will be to eat smaller meals to see if that helps…and I may have to give up my beloved La Croix to save room in my stomach for actual nutrition.

Very excited to fill you in on the next few days!!


P.S.  During my flight 4 of my teeth went completely numb.  Yeah like novocaine level numb. 😳 You can see me describe in detail on my instagram story.