Memory Steroids


Memory is funny when you miss someone.   

The other day Logan was sitting on the comfy canvas chair beside my desk and out of nowhere said,

“I don’t think Daddy will be bigger (gestures taller) when he gets back, but I know he will be bigger (gestures shoulders) when he gets home.”

Logan went on to say that he bets he works out a lot and will be super muscly and strong.

If you know anything about Navy deployments, unfortunately there isn’t a lot of time for working out and not a lot of time for sleep or lots of delicious muscle fueling protein.

But after a moment, I realized what Logan was saying.  Daddy was growing in his mind.  His memory was exaggerating the man he missed so much.

Completely separate from this occurrence, Henry asked me the other day, “How big is Daddy?”

I was surprised by the question.  I said, “He’s a taller than me and bigger.”

Henry’s response, “He is definitely a lot bigger than you.”

It was again so funny to hear them talk about Josh’s physical size.  It was like their memory was changing or growing or exaggerating.

Daddy is becoming a super hero.   It’s been 139 days since he left.   Little does Josh know…. or I guess he will when he reads this… he is on memory steroids.

I wonder how he has changed in my mind?  More bald?  Just kidding, that is impossible.