Good Lighting


Bye bye February! This morning I realized it wasn’t dark at 7am and it made me very happy.

It has been a long winter….not to jinx us for more snow or anything…but I am very ready for spring.

Josh left right before the Pacific Northwest dark season…and the sun is finally returning.

And now in the light of the sun, I can see how much my body has changed these past few months.   Yes, I 100% have a pronounced baby bump…but other things are different too.

My thighs and hips have put on fat.  I’m not bashing myself…I’m just being honest.   I am wider and thicker though the middle.  Genetically this seems to always be where I put on weight.  It’s like my butt grows up my back…. for real.

My boobs have quadrupled in size.  Guess I’m glad I never invested in implants, I certainly don’t need them now.  My limbs are less lean and vascular and my face has filled out.

On the positive, my hair is awesome and I seem to be retaining and probably building some muscle mass.  I also feel really good most of the time….which is an amazing blessing.

As of my doctor’s appointment last week, I was officially up 24 pounds.   With approximately 15 weeks to go before baby girl arrives, I know I have another 10-15 # to go.

So last night before bed, I considered what the postpartum body journey will be like.   “You’ll bounce right back” is the standard thing people say.   Yes, I know I’ve worked out consistently and eaten really well…but the realist and nutrition professional in me knows what is ahead.

Hard work.

It will be very hard work to rebuild my functional strength, as well as to lose weight.   Unless you are gifted or particularly blessed, weight loss and fitness is always hard work.   It’s requires consistency, accountability and planning.  It doesn’t happen overnight.

It won’t be easy.  And I am 35 and this is my 3rd baby.  This weight loss and strength building will be challenging.

Not complaining….just considering what is ahead.   I can’t wait for Josh to be home and the baby to arrive.  I can’t wait for sunshine and all the plants to come back.

It will be a pretty amazing season for hard work.