Christybo Baggins


Yesterday I drove 240 miles round trip through the mountains to pick up a new front door.  I left at 715am and was home by 130pm.

That probably sounds nuts…but we have needed to replace the front door since we moved in. I picked one out a few weeks ago, ordered it, and nope… Home Depot wouldn’t ship it here…but good news …there were 3 at the store in Wenatchee only 120 miles away.

Would they send it here?  Nope.

Could I order one from their catalog or online from the manufacturer that was similar?  Nope.

Picked out a different door… same problem.

It was like just getting something as simple as a pre-hung door was taking an eternity and 20x harder than it should be.  That is how most house, car, repair, or “put together” projects feel to me.

20x harder than they should be.

Normally I would just ask Josh to help deal with this kind of thing.  But he isn’t here.  So, deployment Christy has to step up, put her big girl pants on (which definitely fit now at 25 weeks) and do it.

I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get this project done.  I took Henry and Logan back to Home Depot one last time on Saturday, only to fail again.

As Logan badgered me about when we could leave and Henry swiveled and spun in a rolly chair absurdly close to all of the glass window and door displays…I tapped out.

I would go pickup the door we needed 120 miles away.

So I did.   Through the mountains and snow in Josh’s truck…which by the way wouldn’t start the night before I left…  Probably my fault for never driving it.

The whole trip I kept thinking I was mirroring an adventure of Bilbo Baggins or something…There and back again…pregnant hobbit….lol.

If you could see the snowy beautiful mountains you would agree.

But I got the door, strapped it down in the truck, and safely drove it through the mountains back home.  I even made it back in time for parent teacher conferences for Logan and Henry.


Plus, only had 2 pee breaks the entire trip.
That was the real accomplishment.

Today the door is being installed.  Victory.  I will post some pics on my instagram story if you want to see.