Lose my…



I literally just yelled this at my boys.
They are wrestling and fighting and have loads of energy.  I banished them from the downstairs and that didn’t work.

They sounded like an earthquake upstairs and so I called them back down.   I told them to go outside and they ignored me.

I yelled it.

Now they are even closer to me than before and still fighting and wrestling.

I am about to lose my s…h…i…t.

I made them a stellar Sunday morning breakfast of bacon, eggs, sweet potatoes, onions and kale.  They gobbled it all up.  I felt like a winner mom… someone who’s kids eat real food.  No Sunday donuts here… pat on the back for me….I’m nailing it.

And now… just a few moments later… my back and forth with these wild lunatics make me feel like they are the most undisciplined, spoiled, butt heads in the universe.   Not because they have a ton of energy…but because they don’t listen.   I am failing is the new chorus in my head.

This is “mom life.”

Better yet, I’m going to have one of those “This is Sparta” moments as I kick them out the front door to go play outside.

Chances are…they will continue to beat the crap out of each other and make me crazy until they throw up their delicious and nutritious breakfast.  The circle will be complete…and they will win.

Until tomorrow,