Ready for Spring!


Thank you for all the D name suggestions for the puppy!   We have a good list and I think the boys are going to narrow it down to 3 and then we’ll decide when we meet her.  Some of the ones you sent really made me smile….Donut…Dobby…and Daenerys just to name a few.  So fun.

I’ll let you know the 3 finalist names as soon as I know.

Yesterday I carried my butt back to the gym after 10 days off from being sick.  It felt hard and wasn’t perfect, but was good to sweat and feel normal.   So glad that “day 1” is done and out of the way.  I didn’t want 10 days to turn into 2 weeks…into a month..into…can’t get back into it…into.. i’ll wait until after baby.   That can happen if you aren’t careful.

Yesterday afternoon, I also had my 24 week check up.  Midwife says everything looks good and baby girl has definitely had a growth spurt.   She reminded me I am almost into my third trimester…wow.  I guess that’s true.

Third trimester and spring can come together.  I am super sick of the winter.  I’m ready to start working on my outdoor plants again and sit on my front porch and soak up some sun.

Anyone else totally ready for spring?

Until tomorrow,


P.S.  Right before I got sick I interviewed the author of “Real Food For Pregnancy”, Lily Nichols.   We covered some great stuff…so check it out and feel free to share with any expecting mamas you know!