Need a D name!


Ok, so I need your help with a puppy name.   According to the kids, all of our “big” animals have a D name.   Dolly, our rabbit, made the cut as a D animal, whereas Sherman and Teddy, our deceased hamsters did not.

Our new puppy was coincidentally born the exact same day our beloved 13 year old lab, Diesel, passed away.

We will be getting her the second week of March when she is 9 weeks old.   Daisy, our yellow lab, is doing slightly better than a few weeks ago, but still pretty sad and mopey without Diesel.

Hoping a new friend will help.

Ok, so here are some of the name front runners we have come up with so far.   Dusty, Duffy, Dottie, Dasha, Dakota, Dot, Dutchess and Dee Dee (Henry’s favorite.)

Do you have any suggestions?   We are trying to stick with a D name but are open to all varieties of names.

I’ll attach 2 photos of her so you can see what she looks like at this stage.   She is half Bernese Mountain Dog and half full size poodle.

Until tomorrow.

P.S.  I slept through the night last night…nearly 10 hours… without a coughing fit.  It was amazing.  Thank you for all the texts and messages 🙂