Downhill Time

My medicine is kicking in.  I still feel exhausted, but other than few coughing fits here and there, I am returning to the land of the living.

Wow.  I know the subject line of my last email was “what day is it?” but I can’t even tell you how true that is.  Multiple times over the weekend I couldn’t really remember what month it was, if we had Christmas already… and twice I woke up surprised I was pregnant. 😳

I guess the antibiotics are also killing brain cells.  lol

Josh sent two bouquets of flowers.   At first I thought he sent them because I was sick…and then I realized I completely missed Valentine’s Day.  Oh well…I’ll save my celebrating for next year.  The flowers are beautiful.

We are finally on the downhill side of deployment….more than half way done!  And tomorrow I will be 24 weeks pregnant.  16 weeks to go.  That doesn’t sound like a lot anymore….and Josh should be home before the baby arrives.

Want to know what else?  We get the puppy in 3 weeks!!   I was thinking I better get to the store and get some puppy stuff….a new bed, collar, food dish, toys…etc.

We want to be ready when the puppy arrives!

Funny enough though….I probably need to get my butt in gear and get some baby stuff.  Other than a few onesies I’ve been given and a diaper bag…I am completely unprepared!

Puppy stuff first… then baby stuff. lol

Until tomorrow.