What Day Is It?


​​​​​Ok.. last we talked was Tuesday…Henry was recovering from being sick, more snow was dumping and I felt like I was getting something.

Where am I?  What day is it?

That’s basically what I feel like this morning.  The little something I thought I was getting hit me like a freight train.

It started with aches, pains, chills, head pressure, sneezing and deep terrible coughing.   After 2 days straight the aches and pains went away, but the epic cough and fatigue remained.

I actually started writing you guys an email yesterday morning and quit mid paragraph to take myself to urgent care.  I felt like I couldn’t breath and that’s about when a pregnant girl taps out!

The hard part about being sick while you are pregnant is that there are very few medications that are approved safe during pregnancy.   So for the first few days of feeling sick, all I could take was Tylenol and Robitussum.  And although they took the edge off, don’t work quite as well as the big boys.

They also had the unexpected side effect of causing the worst reflux pain of my life.   It was so bad that I am still having esophagus and stomach pain….when I eat anything…like I drank lava.

Let me tell you another unpleasant thing about being sick while pregnant.   When you cough uncontrollably hard and a baby is sitting on your bladder, you pee yourself.   Not like empty your bladder, but definitely have to change clothes.   Probably TMI, but I always tell you true things on these emails.

So, urgent care wanted to do a chest x ray to see if I have pneumonia starting, but then the dr decided to skip and treat me based on how my lungs sound.  I was send home with an inhaler and 2 separate antibiotics…one for bronchitis and the other for pneumonia… which I guess I am on the border and they don’t want to take chances.

I only woke up 5x last night in coughing fits which was a dramatic improvement from the night prior.  I felt alive enough to do the dishes, sanitize my kitchen, and pop open my lap top, but plan to spend the day resting.

Thanks for all the messages and texts… I might not have responded due to delirium.

Here are a few quick things I am thankful for:
1.  My body is amazing.  Despite feeling like total dog s&*#, my baby is safe and sound in her little germ free bubble. Magical.
2.  My mom was here to help me for day 1 and 2 of this monster.
3.  I got to FaceTime with Josh from bed before his ship pulled out of port.
4.  My boys have been incredibly loving and caring.  This one is super special.  They have patted my back, brought me water and generally checked on me dutifully for days.  When you see your little boys be gentle, caring and loving it makes your heart full.

Well…that’s enough for now.

Until tomorrow.