Snow Fever

Ok.. last we talked was Tuesday…Henry was recovering from being sick, more snow was dumping and I felt like I was getting something.

Well that something hit me like a bus on a Tuesday afternoon.  I have been pretty much out of commission since.  I think I am on the back side of this monster virus, but was sitting here still debating going to urgent care to get something to help with my coughing.

Apparently this stupid virus is going around.  Aches, chills, muscle pain, sweats, head pressure and a crazy cough.   I’ve survived the chills and aches which lasted 2 days but now the cough is my number one issue.

I slept about 3 hours last night because I was coughing.  When I called my dr on Tuesday, they said I could take robitussum and tylenol.   Which I took dutifully for 2 days straight.   Unfortunately they destroyed my stomach.   Like it feels like someone poured acid down my esophagus and into my stomach.  Everything I eat of drink follows the pain trail.  I literally feel swallows into my stomach.

I thought only NSAIDS did that to your stomach.  Who knows.
So I am temped to go see if I can get an inhaler or something.  I don’t know what they give you when you are 23 weeks pregnant.

Until tomorrow.