Snow Fever

Almost every single nutrition client I checked in with yesterday was either sick….getting over being sick….or caring for someone who is sick.

It only seems right that we join the club.  Henry was feeling crappy all day yesterday with a cough and by evening was running a pretty solid fever of 101.8.   Unfortunately I already started feeling the scratch in my throat and a cough…so I knew it was coming.

After a round of Tylenol and some gatorade, I set Henry up in my bed to sleep with me and thankfully he slept through the night and is still sleeping now.

I don’t feel like I have a fever, but I do feel like someone poured molasses or concrete on my lungs.  Bleh.

These next few days are busy….the kind of days you say, “I don’t have time to be sick.”  The good news is, the part of my brain saying that will lose to the other part of my brain saying…listen to your body and rest.

I was asleep by 845 pm last night.

I’ll get the minimum amount done today, skip working out and take care of Henry.  I was supposed to have a baby dr check up this afternoon, but I’m going to cancel due to feeling sick and the insane amount of snow still on the roads….we are at day 10 of snow…and as of this morning, its still falling.

Until tomorrow.