Build and Rebuild

Sorry you didn’t hear from me over email this weekend.  I had a need to go off the grid.  Friday I did a huge mental celebration because I didn’t have any events all weekend.  No obligations at all!

I really needed a little down time.  Nothing was wrong, I just needed to recharge.

This weekend it snowed more.  I guess we are officially in snow storm #3.   I think we are due for another 3 inches tonight.  I feel sad because some of the plants were already starting to pop up for spring.   They are buried now beneath over a foot of snow.

So a few baby updates.  My belly is a lot bigger these past few weeks.   I can finally see her kicks from the outside.  I took a video and put on my instagram story if you want to look.  Tomorrow I will be 23 weeks.

Working out still feels pretty good and I can still manage 4 strict pull-ups in a row.  I’m doing Crossfit 3 or 4 days/ week and trying to be active the other days with either strength work or walking.

I’ve modified a lot of things within my workouts.  I’m no longer doing sit-ups, rope climbs or certain barbell exercises.  I’m not walking on my hands and am avoiding jumping during workouts.

I am still exercising at a fairly high intensity, but I monitor my heart rate throughout.  I am lifting heavy weights up to what feels good and then stopping.

Each day is different.  Sometimes I start to worry that I won’t be able to return to things I worked so hard to learn….but I know that will be part of the rebuild journey.

Because of my knee, and numerous setbacks, I have a lot of experience with the rebuild journey.  It is usually a blessing because I can fix technique issues or other weaknesses I would likely skip if I could push really hard.  My upper body got significantly stronger after one of my knee setbacks because I had no choice but to work on it.  After injuring my hamstring a year ago at a weightlifting meet, I dedicated 6 months plus to addressing the imbalance between my right and left leg.  I would never have done that otherwise.

How do you do with modifying and rebuilding?  Do you ever feel like if you can’t do everything then you can’t do anything? Or if you aren’t back to your full self yet, you can’t participate in certain things you enjoy?

Curious about your experience.

Until tomorrow.