Hot and Cold

The next snow storm starts today.   Thankfully the kids have school because it doesn’t start until later.
Early dismissal …but they will get a few hours in.  YAAAS!

Its going to be cold and snowy the next few days.  Winter wonderland or snow-pacolypse depending on your perspective I guess.

Ironically, somewhere on the other side of the world, Josh’s ship will soon be pulling into somewhere tropical…that’s really all I can say about the location at this point.  I haven’t talked to him much over the past few weeks because of their operational schedule.
Not even over email.

Ship life is funny because you can communicate less then you imagine.  If you are deployed somewhere on land, you can facetime fairly regularly and call or email with a predictable routine.

On a ship, you can’t facetime at all.  You can email sometimes and you can call on occasion.  That’s it.  Sometimes the ship goes off the grid for weeks at a time and you hear nothing.

I’m used to it and the boys are used to it…but it is weird for sure.

I’m sure it is even worse for submarines or special operations families.

Oh, in regards to Josh’s tropical weekend vacation…don’t worry I’m not jealous.  They haven’t seen land in over a month and ship food sucks.  Ships are also freezing and dark…. I’m glad he will get some sunshine and real food.   I’m sure he would rather be here for snow-pacolypse with us…but if he can’t do that…some sunshine will work.

Until tomorrow.