Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 7:
I am sick.   I think it is just a cold, but I don’t feel awesome.
I think my body has been teetering back and forth with “almost sick” since my Arizona trip.  Lots of airport people plus a few nights of crappy sleep.

Sinuses hurt, throat and ears are sore and I have a headache.
One of the funny things about being pregnant is – no cold medicine.   Yup Tylenol is about the only thing I can take.  No Dayquil or Sudafed.

I don’t feel like I need Tylenol right now because I don’t have a fever.

I’m sticking with decaf tea.

Later today I am going to make some bone broth from the batch of bones I got with my quarter cow order.  I’ll make a video to show you how simple it is.

I’ll probably take a rest day today too even though I planned to workout.   I literally said that to a client yesterday…when your body is fighting something, rest is preferable to working out.

Anybody have any non-medication tips for sinus pressure relief?  And no.. not a netty pot.  I get it…everyone who loves them thinks they are the beez-neez, but that is a last resort.  Plus, my nose isn’t that congested.

Until tomorrow.