Snow Dance

Well, due to a fairly reasonable size snow storm, the kids were home from school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Today they have a 2 hour delay.

According to the weather though, we are going to get with the largest snow event in a long time tomorrow and Saturday and then again next week.

The snow is beautiful.  The giant pacific northwest trees look like something out of a dream when they are covered in snow.  The sky changes into strange colors here and when you can see the mountains, it is really breathtaking.

That is outside.

Inside my house, well… kids are creating a much more chaotic and messy scene.  They are about ready to strangle each other and are sick of being trapped inside together.

They eat snacks constantly and have quadrupled the mess in the house.   They don’t “feel” like playing in the snow anymore after 2 days straight of weather in the teens.

Snow parents, you know the drill.  Outside, inside, clothes in dryer…stuff is lost…outside….somebody got hit with a snowball and is crying…inside….clothes in dryer…right back outside….repeat x 10….then finally…inside and bored.

Maybe this weekend, we’ll do a board game marathon or something.   They love board games.

Until tomorrow.