Lost and Found!

I can’t find my wallet.   I got up nice and early today to get a few things done.  One of those things was get a bill switched over to a new account…that’s when I discovered my wallet is missing.

Ok… I admit it.  I am the kind of person that generally leaves their wallet in their center console…I know that’s a terrible habit.  But at least I park in the garage now.   So anyways.. its not there!

The last time I had it was Saturday night after Henry’s birthday party.  I went to Home Depot to order a door and buy a new lock.   After that, we went to the pet store to buy hay for the rabbit… I paid for the items and brought all the stuff in my house.

But I don’t remember my wallet.  I thought I put it where I always do…in my center console.

But, I went out to my car to get it this morning…and it isn’t there.

Confession…Saturday night I was so exhausted that when i unloaded everything from the car; wet towels, birthday snacks and presents, home depot stuff, rabbit food… I piled it all up in the kitchen and left it.

I crashed on the couch and binge watched a few shows.  I didn’t clean up until Sunday morning…but again.. I don’t remember seeing it or knowing it was lost.

I’ve checked everywhere in my house, car, kitchen, bags etc.  I can’t find it.

I checked my bank accounts and they all look normal.

This could be a case of major pregnancy brain, poor wallet handling skills, or somehow it is stolen or lost.  Maybe I left it at Home Depot or the pet store?  But if I did, why wouldn’t they call me?

Why on earth did I stop using a fanny pack? This would never have happened.


Until tomorrow.