Just got back from CrossFit class.  I am sweaty and stinky and am going to go take a shower.  Feb 1 win.. haha. Jk I swear I showered last month more than just Jan 1.

There were rope climbs in the workout today.   I subbed them out for ring rows.  I can still climb the rope, I just don’t want to.  It feels scary to be up so high right now, and my body is heavier than I’m used to.

Sounds silly, but I was pleased with myself for being conservative.   Working out during pregnancy is actually new for me because I didn’t exercise during my pregnancy with Logan or Henry.  Right now I am averaging 4 or 5 days/ week, but things are changing rapidly.

Each day I evaluate what I CAN do… and then decide if it is what I SHOULD do.  I try hard not to attach any expectations or ego onto each session but sometimes that is hard.  I love to compete, especially with myself.  But this isn’t the season for PR’s or competitions.  It’s a season to maintain strength, keep moving, and enjoy exercise with friends.

It’s actually really refreshing after feeling very competitive for a few years. I’d like to preserve this daily assessment for post pregnancy as well.  What can I do.. what should I do… what should I push myself to do?   A coach can be really helpful with those questions which is why I coach and why I rely on coaches.

Ok…shower time.  Check ✔️ Already winning February.

Until tomorrow