Don’t Eat That!


Last night Logan got to feel the baby kick.   He didn’t want to at first… I think it scared him a little bit…but then when he did, it was all smiles.  He couldn’t believe it.  He said it was like a little troll in there trying to get out.

Welp … kind of Logan…. kind of.

I’m actually a little anxious this morning.  Today I am interviewing the author of Real Food for Pregnancy, Lily Nichols.   I am a huge fan of her book and have read it more than once.  And today I get to interview her on a video conference call!

I don’t know why I am nervous.  Probably all the standard reasons.  I want to ask good questions and not waste her time.  I want the questions I ask to help people and not just be fluff.

Here’s the thing… the minute you find out you are pregnant everything changes.  You don’t care as much about the stuff that mattered yesterday.   It’s all different…but for many women that excitement comes with a lot of fear.  Traditional talk around pregnancy makes you feel like you have a disease.  You get big long lists of things you shouldn’t eat and shouldn’t do.  You are immediately told exercises that aren’t safe and 1 million ways everything can be wrong.

You get doctors appointments and blood work and every day is checking if you are “ok”….because what if you aren’t?

It can make pregnancy feel scary.

I loved Lily’s book because she clears up a ton of confusion around safe food in pregnancy and also lists lots and lots of choices for nutritious and tasty food you SHOULD eat.

Her book challenges that idea that crackers and non fat yogurt are good enough for our bodies when we are building a baby…or ever for that matter.

She makes things a little less scary….even for a nutrition coach.

Did you feel uncertain when you were pregnant?  Did you have fears around what you should’t eat or shouldn’t do?

Until tomorrow,