Time Budget

I didn’t sleep well last night.  Not sure why.  I woke up around 3 and then couldn’t fall back asleep.  I had this funny thought that I was like a rotisserie chicken because I just kept flipping and turning to find a spot I would fall back to sleep.

I remember thinking around 430 or so.. I give myself 5 more min…If I’m not asleep, I’m getting up.   Then in an instant…my alarm went off at 6.

6 is my backup alarm.  My internal alarm is for 530.  I get up early to spend a few hours writing and working before the kids get up.   This is my time to work quietly and have deep thought.   That doesn’t exist during the rest of my day.

My schedule typically looks like this… 530-8, writing, creative time, computer work and emails.
8-9 get kids ready for school.   9-11, workout or walk.   11-4 client support or check in time.

At 4, kids get home from the bus and we normally have till about 5 to hang out and have snacks and then we leave for either horses, Jiu Jitsu or football depending on the season.
​​​​​​​I try to catch up on social media during their activity.

We come home eat and spend an hour or two together before bed.  I try to be in bed by 9.

Rinse and repeat.

My day is pretty simple…its busy… but it is “blocked” into sections based on things that are priorities for me.   If I don’t write in the morning…it won’t happen.  If I don’t buffer my kid time…I will be distracted and work…If I don’t schedule my workout time early in the day… I won’t do it.   If I don’t protect my evenings, everything else sneaks in and I won’t be there for my kids.

You think I am kidding about blocking?  Look at my actual calendar.  These are the time blocks… I add events on top.   I try very hard not to deviate.

This strategy works really well for me.  Do you do anything similar?   I remember when I didn’t do it… life felt chaotic.  It still does sometimes, but this helps.

​​​​​​​Give it a try.  List out the things that must happen in your day and then block them in as priorities.   Give them boundaries and don’t deviate.  Schedule life on top.

Actually when I review my schedule this way, it helps me see a priority that isn’t on there.  Family sit down dinners.  I’m adding that to Monday and Friday.  I’d like there to be more, but that is a schedule I can commit to.

Until tomorrow,


P.S.  I made this by creating a google calendar called time blocks.   Then my normal calendar is Christy’s calendar that is my default.  The time blocks are just visible but I’m not editing them.