​​​​​​Crazy Town

Today is Henry’s birthday.   He is 8.

We are going to celebrate by going out to dinner and having cake.  Henry picked Outback for dinner.  We never go there, so I have no idea why he picked that spot…but it’s his birthday…so I’m not mad about having steak.

Today will be lots of cuddles and hugs ….but yesterday I was having one of those “can’t stand my kids for one more second” occasions.   I hate those moments because you feel like a lunatic….either your kids or crazy or you are…either way… no good.

I think 90% of the time I am very lucky.  My boys are pretty sweet and well behaved….but sometimes they are true a-holes.   I hate saying that, but its true.  I know other moms will relate and I want to be real.

In those “special moments” I am grateful it is winter and the windows are closed so the sheep and donkeys next door can’t hear me lose my mind.

Sometimes I wonder if I have it in me to provide strong enough discipline without Josh.   Discipline is definitely something he does better.  I am better at the hugs and loves part.  Growth mindset Christy… learn to be better at kid discipline.

Today is a day I get to capitalize on my strengths.  Lots of birthday hugs and love.  But just wanted to let all the moms know out there when you see our social media perfect pics…its occasionally crazy town here.

Until tomorrow