Birth Squats

Yesterday I made a post on instagram about squatting to give birth.   I posted a picture of me doing a goblet squat and in the caption commented that with both Logan and Henry, I gave birth on my back, completely numb.  With baby number 3, I am going to try to be in different positions and deliver without an epidural.

So I am actually training for birth.

I am not 100% committed to no pain meds, its just a plan.  I made the comment that I know women deliver babies in lots of different positions but strangely you mostly only see one on TV.  It makes you think that is your only option.

My doula has given me lots of information to read and think about it.

I may even try to witness a birth somehow…I’ve actually never seen one.   Not even my own.

For the mamas out there, did any of you give birth in a position other than your back?  Super curious!  I know it is different for everyone and depends a lot on the position of the baby, but I am interested to learn more.

Until tomorrow,