Window Within

This morning I have my anatomy ultrasound.   If I remember correctly from 8 years ago, they basically check the baby’s heart, all the organs, head size etc.  They also tell you the gender if you don’t know it.

Unlike with the boys, I found out her gender at about 13 weeks.   I was eligible for the genetic screen because I am 35 years old and part of that screening includes a blood test that tells you the baby’s sex.

Unlike in the past, this genetic screen was actually done with my blood rather than the baby’s amniotic fluid.   So there is no risk to the baby.

When I found out her sex, I told Josh and a few family members but then kept the secret to myself.

I think Josh was as stunned as I was because both of us were anticipating a boy.

I have a hard time imagining a little girl.  Both my boys ask if she will look like me?   I don’t know.   My family has a history of third child red heads.  That would be cool.

Anyways…. just looking forward to seeing her today at the ultrasound.  I’ll share a pic with you tomorrow.