Double Mindset

In my closet I have about 40 workout tops.  3 of them currently fit.  I’ve been cycling through my workout pants and they still work for now.

All of a sudden, my baby bump just seems much bigger.
My body is changing rapidly at this point.  It’s a bizarre feeling.   I wake up and I feel different….every single day.

The other strange thing is that each day my workouts feel different.  Some days I feel great and strong…and other days I feel tired and off.  Yesterday was one of those days.  My stomach felt heavy and everything felt hard.   It was a victory just to complete the workout.

I’m learning to approach each day independently….without expectation.  This is easier said then done, but this mindset is essential.

I am literally going to apply the growth mindset to my growing body… hehe.


P.S.  Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset is one of my favorite books.  Her philosophy has shaped my approach as a coach and parent.  I try regularly to utilize her strategies in my life.