Chippy the elf showed up to our house yesterday.

I have one believer, Henry (age 7)…but Logan (age 9) finally came to the conclusion that Santa and Chippy are….well I won’t spoil it for you.

Me trying to remember to move the elf every day will be quite the task.  For all you elf movers out there… I feel your struggle.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed in this pregnancy so far is I am pretty much brain dead after 5pm.  I’m actually making myself wake up earlier each day to start work before the kids wake up so I can have some brain power time.

Staying up late is not an option.

I think I have always been more productive in the morning, but now it is exaggerated.

I’ve also switched my workout time from late afternoon/evening to morning.   I need to get it done while I have the energy and motivation to do it.   As I mentioned yesterday, my workouts are a big factor in how I feel mood wise…so they need to be a priority.
Do you notice you are more productive at certain points in the day?  Do you set up your day to maximize those times?

I used to be great at this… then I got lazy because things felt more flexible… but now… I am back to it.

Funny how a little challenge forces you to step up to the plate.  I wouldn’t say the pregnancy is the challenge…a baby is blessing and gift.

But the symptoms of being brain dead, exhausted, moody and kind of sick…those are challenges for me right now.

Until tomorrow.


P.S.  Thanks for everyone who wrote me a little note after yesterday’s email.  It was nice to know I am not alone and that other people feel like that too.