Lean In

The boys started taking Jiu Jitsu about a month ago.  Now they go 3x a week at a spot right above my CrossFit gym.  They received gi’s for Christmas from my sister and for 45 min a session they learn a combination of what I would best describe as wrestling and survival.

They seem to get lot out of the physical play as well as the discipline of martial arts.  I like that they are humbled over and over again by a difficult sport and then have small bursts of success and acknowledgement from their instructor.

Sounds like life and a recipe for character building.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the past few months and how many challenges have popped up.  I want to share a little mantra in my head that I keep repeating.

Lean in.

That probably sounds super weird and may not make sense.  So let me try to explain.  Each time something feels hard or challenging or painful, instead of trying to escape it or hide… I just tell myself ….lean in.

It’s freeing because visually I can see myself climbing up a beautiful mountain….then the wind starts blowing and it gets hard…but instead of falling, I take a deep breath….lean forward into the wind…and keep going.

For me, “lean in” is like embracing the challenge…feeling it for everything that it is…and using it as resistance to build strength.

I imagine my boys walking behind me, feeling the wind too in their own way…but partially shielded by my body…and advancing forward with my steps.  That gives me strength to push beyond what I would do for myself.

It makes the calm, windless days feel like a blessing.  But it makes the windy challenging days gifts in their own way.

You know what else?

There have been days when the wind feels too strong…when despite my best efforts I feel stuck.  Usually on those days a friend, a family member or even a stranger locks arms with me…and we lean in together… until I can go on my own again.

Not sure what you are going through right now or if my mantra is helpful for you…but just wanted to give you a glimpse in my head.

Until tomorrow.