Bubble Burst

I’m home!  It feels great.

Wow… Florida is really far from Washington state.  lol

Last night I couldn’t get enough of cuddling with the boys and Daisy.   Apparently our yellow lab has been doing ok since Diesel’s passing…a little sulky, but definitely acting far more needy for love and attention.

As we sat piled up on a leather arm chair meant for 1, we talked about the new puppy and I showed the boys pictures.   They were talking about how good it would be for Daisy to have a friend and I loved watching them thoughtfully express empathy.

Empathy is one of the primary values I teach them… more valuable in my opinion than a lot of other lessons kids learn.

They were connecting their feelings of loss to hers and then sharing it with compassion for her.  My heart overflows when I see that in them.

In a world of YouTube, selfies, instant entertainment, social media and narcissism, most of us struggle to step outside our bubble.  I know I do… and I worry about that for them as they grow up.

High speed connection sometimes feels like an ironic devils bargain.   Instead of fulfillment and a deeper sense of community, I think many times we end up feeling isolated and wrapped up in our own crap.

I love this quote…

“Self-absorption in all its forms kills empathy, let alone compassion. When we focus on ourselves, our world contracts as our problems and preoccupations loom large. But when we focus on others, our world expands. Our own problems drift to the periphery of the mind and so seem smaller, and we increase our capacity for connection – or compassionate action.”
― Daniel Goleman, 
Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships

Empathy is about others of course… but there is internal value too.  Stepping outside our immediate problems and focusing on another person can be a healing gift, especially when everything else feels hard.

The boys’ compassion and empathy for Daisy was a good reminder.

Deep thoughts on an early Tuesday morning… I know.  Must be jet lagged.

My challenge for myself and for you today is to step outside your high paced bubble… lend a hand or a smile or a listening ear to someone for no other reason than to do it.

Until tomorrow.