Yesterday I did 1 CrossFit class but had 2 desserts.


I am going to CrossFit class a few times a week right now because it feels good.   I’m walking with friends every Wednesday and am doing 2 days of strength work at home.

Pre-pregnancy, I was training at home in my garage every day…and training really hard.  Between weightlifting, knee rehab and conditioning…well you get it… I love this stuff.

But when I mean that I am going to CrossFit class now because it feels good… I want to explain what I mean.  First, it feels amazing to be in class and be coached, not be the coach.   I like that class lasts an hour.  And I love that I get to see friends.

But there is another reason it feels good.

So far in my pregnancy I’ve had some ups and downs in my mood.  I wouldn’t say depression, but maybe a little sadness.

That sounds dumb because everything is awesome.  I’m content and happy.  I’m not sad, I just feel sad sometimes.

I think it is a combination of missing Josh who has been gone for just about 7 weeks so far on deployment and major pregnancy hormones.

But a lot of times these past few weeks, I just haven’t felt as “up” as normal.  I’ve felt more down.

I always tell my clients that a certain type of exercise can help with mood.  Sweating and breathing hard…with people.

It’s like some sort of deep primitive magic.  Our bodies love to move and work and maybe even suffer a little bit…with others.

So…I’m doing CrossFit class a few times a week, and “walking Wednesday” specifically for this reason.  It lifts my mood and I feel better all day.
Please don’t worry…I am fine.  I just wanted to share honestly.

If you struggle with mood or motivation…
find some people to sweat with….it really helps.

Your body knows what to do, and your brain turns off and gets the natural endorphins from exercise with the shared feeling of community.

If you are struggling with feeling down, let me know… I understand.

Talk to you tomorrow.