Cold Cheeks

I am tired today and possibly starting to catch a cold.

I was going to go to CrossFit class this morning, but the boys are still asleep and I don’t feel awesome.  I am going to listen to my body and do something a little less intense.

I’ve been thinking about moving my rowing machine from the garage into my house and I think I am going to do it today.  That way, I can get some low-intensity movement in on days I don’t feel awesome, but can avoid the cold cold garage!

Yesterday I filmed 30 plus exercise videos for my 8 weeks program that starts in a few days.   It was about 34 degrees with the garage door open…that might explain the cold.

I actually wasn’t crazy cold while I was doing it, but then I felt cold the rest of the day.

Speaking of cold… does anyone else have parts of your body that stay significantly colder than the rest of your body?  Maybe its a blood flow thing, but it isn’t new….I’ve always been like this.   My butt and feet will literally be ice cubes sometimes…even if the rest of my body has warmed up.

I’m not exaggerating.  I know many people get cold feet, but my entire body can be warm and my butt cheeks still are completely cold to the touch.  It makes no sense.

My husband thinks it is funny…because he is like a human furnace.  He’ll laugh when he reads this somewhere out in the middle of the ocean.

Do you have cold feet/cold cheeks or are you a human furnace too?  No judgment.

Until tomorrow…