Yesterday evening I tried to hold really still to see if I could feel the baby move.  I think I felt movement, but it wasn’t super obvious.

I laid on my back and watched my stomach.  I even tried to hold my breath for a few seconds…and quiet my whole body.   Be still and wait.

Maybe a brush of movement.  Not the obvious jabs I know will come in a few week.

Ironically, as I paused to tune in to baby movement, I also realized it was the first time I sat still all day.   The first time I slowed down, first time I focused on breathing…and first time I could hear my own voice in my head.

Things have been busy!  Holidays can be vacation time for many people, but for a nutrition/health coach, this is an important time of the year to be present for my clients…  and provide support and information for the people looking for it.  It was a critical time of year for me 6 years ago when I decided to make lasting change, so it makes me happy to pay that forward to others.

But even though I love my job and the pace of my days with my kids, I need to do a better job of slowing down for some quiet time.  My apple watch tells me to breathe and I typically dismiss it.  Literally.  Anyone else do that?

I need some breathing and meditation time in my day.  What works best for you?  If this is a regular habit or practice for you, when are you successful?  I used a meditation app once…maybe it’s time to try it again.  Do you need more still time in your life?

Until tomorrow…