New Year Clean Hair

Welp 2018 has come and gone.  Did you get any sleep last night?   I didn’t get a lot… here in Lake Stevens people shoot fireworks until pretty late so even homebodies like me get to “participate” in the celebration.

I was going to write something super thoughtful and reflective on 2018 with motivational themes about 2019 and “our new opportunities” … but you can find plenty of rah rah on social media today.

Instead, can we talk about showers?  Am I the only one that doesn’t shower very much in the winter?  I can’t tell if its because my husband is deployed….because it is cold out….because I am really busy with kids and life….or because I am pregnant and my skin and hair is immune to dirt.  Just kidding.

I woke up this morning and was like… when was the last time I washed my hair?  It’s New Years Day Christy… get it together and let’s start fresh.  lol

Seriously though… as far new years resolutions… my house is now holiday treat/sugar free.   The caramels are gone, cookies are banished to the deep freezer and everything else is in the trash.

Instead of some broad sweeping resolution…try my method….small doable action steps.
Today, mine was take a shower and bye bye sugar.

I already met my New Years 2019 goals…done!  And the beauty is… I’ll wake up tomorrow and make another small commitment and repeat the process.   Little action steps, over and over, beat grand statements of resolution and change any day.

By the end of the year… who knows how many showers I’ll have taken….😜.

Until tomorrow…