Toilet Turkey

Yesterday evening, after a fun but long day at the Seahawks game, I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to grab dinner.   Good grocery stores are one of my favorite choices for “quick” dinners because everyone can pick what they want and there are usually really good options.

I made a salad and ordered 2 pieces of turkey breast from the hot bar.  I know that sounds very healthy….but after a day of nachos, hot dogs, and popcorn….I needed it.

I ate the salad and it was amazing.   Then I moved on to the turkey breast.  Nope nope nope.   That turkey tasted like a toilet bowl.

I know it is just me.  I’m sure it is fine.

I forced down one piece and then gave up on the second.

Food aversions are one of the strangest things about pregnancy.   Certain food becomes out of this world delicious and other normal food…well…tastes like trash.

It makes eating enough protein pretty challenging.  I’ll be 17 weeks tomorrow and right now the only meat I love is steak.

Ironically, the piece of salted caramel I ate last night tasted great.   C’est la vie.

How are you doing with your sugar detox?  Did you get rid of all the temptations yet?
I was doing well until a friend gave me another batch of holiday treats.   The only ones I am really interested in are the caramels and they are going into the freezer today.  Out of sight…out of mind.

Until tomorrow…