My favorite text of the day yesterday was “I hope you poop today.  I’m rooting for you!”

Made me literally laugh out loud and maybe that was that “atta girl” I needed.

Somehow between the briquet for lunch, my post seminar workout and a bunch of water I found some relief.   Yet, I have have a feeling this issue isn’t going away.

One friend suggested taking some magnesium.  Prior to pregnancy, I used to supplement with magnesium at night, so I will add that back in.
On the flight home from Arizona I was prepared with some travel snacks.  It was dinner time and I was hungry with about an hour left to go in the flight. In my bag, I had a think thin bar and a pack of almond butter.
I ate the almond butter and it tasted great.

I got out the Think Thin bar (a travel “go to” for me) and started eating it.  It tasted like sandy chemical cardboard I pulled out of a garbage can.   I forced it down anyway because I was hungry.

I don’t know why I ate it.  It didn’t taste good.
Well, the entire rest of the flight and the 1 hour drive home, I was on the edge of vomit city.  A solid 2.5 hours of hard swallows and deep breaths later I made it home.  It was not fun.

New rule for myself.  If it tastes bad…don’t eat it.   Man that sounds dumb and obvious.

Why was it so hard just to wrap it up and throw it away?

Do you ever do that?  Start eating something and think…this isn’t even good…  But then keep eating it?

I wonder if it’s because of weird memories of the “clean plate club” or because we sometimes just tune out of the sensation of eating all together.

What do you think?
P.S.  Don’t throw away all your think thin bars if you like them.  They were always a good travel snack for me.   This is definitely a pregnancy food aversion.