One, Two…Ten

Yesterday I cleaned up all of the Christmas decorations.   I know it is a little early…but next week will be a busy week.

It actually made me feel happy because the next time I get out our holiday decorations Josh will be home from deployment and the baby will be here.

It was very satisfying to put each individual ornament away.

My brain works like this all the time.  When I have something long to do…I break into chunks in my mind.  Then I cross each one off like its own milestone.

I even take this as far as dishes.  When my kitchen is a huge mess, instead of stressing over the whole thing… I put away 10 items only.
I literally count them in my head.  After the 10 are put away…I walk away if I feel done…and then come back and do it again when I’m ready.

If I don’t feel satisfied I can do another 10 and then I usually feel even more pleased that I did extra.   A few rounds later and it’s done.

Maybe this sounds silly…but it helps me do things that are hard or overwhelming.   Do you do any thing like this? Or is it just my goofy brain?

Until tomorrow…