Sausage Hiker

I do not mean this in a self deprecating way… currently I am a sausage.

Ok…want me to say it in a better way?  I am currently a beautiful, sexy, strong pregnant woman who is stuffed in cold weather compression pants and a compression turtle neck.

These pants were, by design, tight at my normal weight and shape.  Currently at 16.5 weeks pregnant, they don’t fit very well.

I am currently deciding between hoisting them up, rocking a wedgie and camel toe, or letting them come down and having them create a nice snug “sausage type” squeeze right across my belly.

Meh…it doesn’t matter.  At least I’ll be warm.

Today I am hiking the Big 4 Ice Caves with my friend Jamie.  The trail head is about 45 min + away from my house.  Google is super cool.   And no… please don’t worry, I won’t go in the ice caves.

It will be snowy and cold, but I am excited to get some nature time.  Hiking gives me a sense of renewed clarity and calm.  It is magical.

By the way, I did have a pair of cold weather compression pants that would have fit.  But I wore them hiking Mount Pilchuck over Thanksgiving and tore a hole in the butt sliding down the ice and rocks.  So… yeah…they wouldn’t work to keep me warm.

I’ll report in tomorrow to tell you about the hike.  But watch my instagram story today to see some videos as we do it.   It will be a snowy pacific northwest wonderland.  My instagram can be found here.

Until tomorrow!