Boyfriend Test

Today is a double day journal because I decided to be off the grid as much as possible yesterday.

We had a really nice Christmas.  We did presents in the morning, relaxed most of the day and then had a steak dinner with my mom in the evening.  Other than Henry flying his new drone straight into a fence and breaking it ….overall…pretty solid wonderful day.

I’ll be honest though, I miss Josh a lot.   We got to talk to him on the phone because his ship pulled into port.  I won’t say where, but he sent me a picture with a camel.

Sometimes I think about the literal distance between us and it is an odd feeling.  Not a good one.  Maybe you are physically far from someone you love and understand what I mean.

Not sure if you know this, but I served in the Navy too.  Josh and I actually met during our freshman year at the Naval Academy.   I was 18 and he was 22.  He was prior enlisted and had already served 4 years in the Navy before being accepted to the Naval Academy.

You can imagine my mom was probably “super thrilled” when I excitedly introduced her to my new boyfriend, who was 4 years older and had already been deployed all over the world. lol

The first Christmas we were dating, my mom wanted to really test his commitment to her daughter.  She got him a ticket to join her in watching me sing as a part of the Naval Academy Glee Club in Handel’s Messiah.

The ultimate boyfriend test.

Fortunately, he made it through the 2.5 concert and passed.

16-ish years later.  Here we are.  Although we miss him very much I am very proud of him.  This Christmas, he is living out a different kind of commitment… his commitment to serving his country.  I know how much he wants to be here with us but he has a job to do.

I love him for that commitment too…and look forward to next Christmas when we can all be together.

Until tomorrow.


P.S.  I’ll bet if you ask him, he might take deployment over another Messiah concert.   Just kidding.