My Gift

It’s Christmas Eve.  I’ll be honest.  All week long…probably like many of you…I have been stressing about gaining weight.   I have thought about it way more times than I would like to admit.   Yes.. I’m know supposed to gain pregnancy weight, but I know it has sped up a little the past 2 weeks with holiday parties, cookies and special meals.

But this morning as I got up and looked in the mirror I realized how dumb the “stressing” part really is.

Hear me out.

I have a healthy body.  I know a lot of people who don’t have this gift.  I am growing a healthy baby.  I know a lot of people who don’t have this gift either.   I am getting ready to go to a workout class with friends to do a ton of really fun physical things with my body.  Plenty of times in my life, I’ve been injured and unable to do this.

My body is an amazing gift.

Stressing about how big my hips or legs feel…that is truly being ungrateful….and totally coming from the wrong place.

Think about it…from a place of gratitude and self care, I can eliminate refined sugar and nonsense food after Christmas.  I can feel better in my body by changing my behavior.  Not because I DON’T like my body…but because I do.

It’s completely ok to want to look and feel our best…when we don’t…we can be dissatisfied with the status quo.  But not with our bodies.

Today I am thankful for my amazing physical body.  I commit to focusing on gratitude and not dwelling and stressing on things I don’t like.  I commit to action steps that allow me to feel my best.
I commit to maintaining this gratitude regardless of age or physical ability or health status….and setting this example for my kids.

Do you need to make this commitment with me?

Until tomorrow.


P.S.  In that last paragraph I wanted to type that I will “try to be” thankful and “try to commit” … but that isn’t much of a commitment… is it?